Jacob Owen

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Standing for:

Dwyfor Meirionnydd

My key issues are:

  • Free sanitary products for school-girls

  • Re-opening youth centres

  • More funding towards mental health

Candidate profile:

Wales is a nation with a long and proud history. And it is the young people of our nation that will carry on the legacy Wales holds. And yet we seem to be neglected as people.

One fairly recent example is the closure of youth centres across the country. These clubs allowed young people to meet together and do activities in a safe and caring environment. But the Government see this as useless.

They don't mind cutting the budget of youth services as they believe we can't stand up and complain. Well I want that to change NOW!!!

I aim to ensure the Government listens to our voices. That they know we will not stand by idly. That we will stand up for ourselves. And that is why I believe you should vote for me in this upcoming election.

I want to meet with young people. I want to meet with you. To listen to your opinions and ideas. I want to make your voices heard to those who, for so long, have devalued us and our opinions.

This is why I want to be a youth parliament member. So that young people get the best start in life.


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