Florence Pritchard


Standing for:


My key issues are:

  • Bullying

  • Mental Health

  • The negative effect of technology

Candidate profile:

Hi my name is Florence, I’m 12 years old, I enjoy taking part in school council, volunteering at Dogs Trust, drama and dance.  

I love to meet and work with new people to help others. In life, everyone has their own problems and stories to tell.

In my story, I’ve faced bullying, mental health issues and the negative effect of social media. Which can leave us feeling that we can’t escape the bullies, we don’t fit in or feel alone.

I would like to help children and teach others how to recognise and support those who are suffering from these problems.

This is why I want to set up a helpline and groups for children around Wales, to speak about their experience, meet each other  and learn to feel comfortable with themselves and the world around them.   While social media has created an image of what we are meant to be.  I think that everyone is beautiful in some kind of way and would love to help make children's lives better. Your story deserves to be told and your problems solved.  

If you vote for me I will help tell your story and your problems will be improved.


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