Somachi Nwosu


Standing for:


My key issues are:

  • Creating opportunities for talented youths

  • Promoting healthy lifestyle choices

  • Encouraging exercise and physical activeness 

Candidate profile:

Hello, my name is Somachi and I live in Ceredigion. Sport is a very big part in my life and I would love to have a chance to make that a major topic among youths in Wales. Most of my key issues concern leading a healthy lifestyle which I think as an important issue to tackle in Wales.      

You should vote for me because I would be a good represenative of the youths who live in my county. I am good at listening and understanding but at the same time debating and mangaing to put my point across in a polite but effective manner.    

I take part in many sports including athletics, netball and football. In fact I have my first fixture next week! I have managed to reach county ( representing Dyfed ) level in athletics but unfortunately was not able to continue due to illness.    

I think that promoting sports, healthy diets and lifestyles isn't enough to properly establish the importance. We need to expand our message to teenagers with disabilities to ensure that every young person is included. We also need to make these choices available to young people so that they can utilise their knowledge. 


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