Gracie-Anne Battson


Standing for:

Cardiff West

My key issues are:

  • Mental Health, Wellbeing and Awareness

  • Reduce Pollution, Increase Biodiversity!

  • Funding for Extra-Curricular Youth Opportunities

Candidate profile:

My name is Gracie and I’m a resident of Cardiff West. I’m 14, my parents are divorced and I love mountain biking and videogames. My home life has made me socially aware; in this age of Brexit, student debt, and climate change, young people’s political representation is vital.

A representative’s role is to communicate parliamentary discussion and decisions to their constituents (perhaps via a blog), receive popular feedback, especially using social media, and convey that to the parliament in an effective and persuasive way.

I am a strong believer in community involvement, already an active member of Cardiff’s leading LGBTQ+ youth group, ‘Impact’, and I co-founded a similar group within my school.

I’m politically left-leaning, a good listener, and a confident and articulate contributor. I would appreciate the privilege of this role and welcome the responsibilities it carries.


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