Owen Hawe


Standing for:


My key issues are:

  • Education

  • Young people's mental health

  • Internet safety

Candidate profile:

I would like to be more proactive in addressing local issues in Delyn such as difficulties regarding affordable housing, education and cuts to local policing.

I want to tackle problems and worries that specifically affect young people in my community.  I will hold local meetings so young people can personally discuss their issues with me, alternatively I will have an email and social media accounts so there are different ways of communicating. Once I have collated and seen the issues of our community's youth, I will present them to the Welsh Youth Parliament where I can push and fight for proper solutions to the problems.

I am very passionate about helping people and thrive on problem solving . I am an effective communicator, a confident speaker and I am excellent at debating. These skills would mean I could effectively represent my community's youth and express their issues and concerns. I  believe that I am a sensitive, caring person who would be approachable and friendly to those who wished to express their problems. In terms of past experience I have volunteered at a charity promoting diversity and equality in Delyn, I am currently a Prefect and a member of the student council. 


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