Benjamin Philipps-Harries


Standing for:

Preseli Pembrokeshire

My key issues are:

  • Children In Poverty

  • Mental Health Care

  • Drugs and Alcohol 

Candidate profile:

Hi, I'm Ben. I wish to become a member of the Welsh Youth Parliament for one simple reason: I'm concerned.

I'm concerned about the future of our country, as while I don't see a future that results in the destruction of our economy, I do see a future of wasted opportunity.

What I mean by this is that, while statistics argue with each other, over one third of Wales's children are living in poverty. These children deserve better, they deserve a proper childhood, that'll not only allow them opportunity in life, but at a chance to not to have to worry where or when their next meal may come from. Because of there dire situation the stress may cause mental health issues, or for them to fall back on a "comfort" like drugs or alcohol. That "comfort" will only make their lives worse.

So why should you consider voting for me?

Because I will attempt to bring more focus to these issues, to try and give every child a chance at a future. Another aim of mine is to make sure no child's voice is unheard, so if anyone has any issues? My door is always open. Thank You. 


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