Euan Renesto


Standing for:


My key issues are:

  • Mental Health Provision

  • Education Services

  • Local Communities

Candidate profile:

The most important thing of all in this election is that your views are listened to and understood. That's what the Welsh Youth Parliament is for; sending a message that young people matter. I believe I'm the one who can make that happen.

Why me in particular? Being 17 I've got the experience. I've been through Primary School, Secondary School, College. I've walked along the same streets as you, been to the same hospitals as you; I've visited the Welsh Assembly and spoken to Assembly Members. I know how this works. I'm always honest and straightforward with my opinions, and I'm ready to talk to anyone, no matter what part of Gower you're from.

I'll be available at all times whenever you want to talk about something. Email, social media or conversation, whatever you're most comfortable with. Nothing you bring up will be ignored: if it's important to you, then I'm happy to talk about it. Your voice counts.

I've lived in Gower all my life, and I care about what happens to it; there are problems that need to be dealt with, and with your help we can make sure that young people have the right answers.

Thank you.


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