Rohi Tsvara

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Standing for:


My key issues are:

  • Stress for children within school

  • Discipline/actions shown by children 

  • Cleanliness of public transport 

Candidate profile:

Being a YMP would allow me to share my ideas based upon my real life experiences. Being a African-British and a private school boy all my life, I personally believe I've been through a lot and one of my main aims has to be to share these experiences with young people so they can see the benefits and consequences of certain situations. I believe if you want to change a society, the change need to start from the individual. My philosophy is that if you shape yourself into a better person, the things around you slowly will start to change and get better aswell. I think I am a fairly inspirational, motivational and perhaps spiritual person and hope these sides of my persona can led on to help other young people. As a historian, I encounter debates and discussions on a regular basis and hope my debating skills will help with working as a YMP.

I believe that I am already a well known person within my constituency, as well as other constituencies. I am a very approachable person, as well as relatable and would happily set up a campaign and work publicly and collectively to get our point across. 


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