Leonora Cartman


Standing for:

Newport East

My key issues are:

  • Improve the local environment

  • Create more youth activities

  • Animal welfare issues

Candidate profile:

The reasons I think I should be a member of the youth parliament are because I’m passionate about the environment and I always wish the best for every living thing. I see good in the bad and am a very optimistic person. I have also always been engaged with the community. When I was in politics club I enjoyed discussing and debating about the issues in wales.

Two reasons I would love to be in the welsh youth parliament are that I would love to make a positive impact and help people. If I became a member a member of youth parliament my first focus would be to do with our ecosystem, how much plastic we use and encourage the use of ecologically friendly glitter.  Normal glitter is so small but it creates a big problem. Another one of the issues I would like to bring up is animal welfare and we could do fundraisers and events to make people more aware of animal welfare issues.


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