Constance Rose Haggar


Standing for:

Preseli Pembrokeshire

My key issues are:

  • Long lasting environmental impact

  • Hospital closures

  • Music service funding

Candidate profile:

I believe that I would make a good Welsh Youth Parliament Member because I've often strived to improve my local area, writing letters and talking to people to attempt to make a difference- for example I wrote to David Cameron expressing my view that people over the age of 16 should have the right to vote, as it is our futures at stake.

I believe that if everyone tried to make a difference, big things would eventually happen.

For example, if one million people picked up one piece of plastic, that would be 1 million pieces of plastic not going into the sea and rivers and killing our local wildlife.

I've always felt passionate about protecting our local wildlife and their environment, as it's a central part of Wales' identity.

I feel like this would be the opportunity to make myself heard, maybe even on a grander scale.

I think things can definitely improve in all regions. I also feel that working with other constituencies on certain policies will benefit everyone, for example having interconnected services will mean more balance and shared wealth and intelligence, and I would be happy to work with people to improve all regions.


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