Melanie Benedict


Standing for:


My key issues are:

  • Mental health awareness and support

  • Increasing the popularity of welsh

  • Supporting schools during budget cuts

Candidate profile:

I believe that the young minds of now are the minds of Wales’ future; young people, like us,  must be heard. Working alongside those who feel passionate about change is a place I would feel at home.  I would be complete knowing that I’m helping someone I am yet to meet.  

My emphasis on compassion and perspective has helped me grow. Just as I have grown through this mindset of change, I believe we can use this attitude to make the Wales we want to live in, the Wales of our future. I wish to be the spokesperson to the one with a million bright ideas,  and to the one with just one. Through the support of the Welsh Youth Parliament, I would plan pop-up events where you could come in for Q&A sessions and share your views.  

As a UK debating finalist and a head girl,  I have learnt not only to work with various people, adult or adolescent, but also how to improve an important part of our lives: education. However, I recognise that there are others ideas to make Wales the best it can be. Ideas coming from you. Wales. Vote today for change tomorrow. 


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