Skye Elizabeth Humphreys


Standing for:


My key issues are:

  • Welsh education in English schools

  • Free Musical Instrument Lessons

  • Mental health support in schools

Candidate profile:

I would like to be a member of the Welsh Youth Parliament because I feel like it would be a great platform to improve opportunities for my generation that will benefit us all into adulthood.

I will consult with my peers through various methods in person and online. I plan to utilise the internet, through the creation of my own website and use of social media, so that I am easily accessible to listen to all opinions and in turn accurately represent the wants and needs of my peers. I'd like to make personal interactions fun and support local businesses by using their venues.

Some skills I have which could become useful for the Welsh Youth Parliament are: - I was on the school council for a year and know how to listen to others

  • I volunteer at the Urdd netball team so am helpful to others needs

  • I am fluent in Welsh and hope to increase awareness of the importance of bilingual education

  • I am the oldest of three children so I have to be patient

If a young person wants someone to speak up for them and put their needs first then they should vote for me!


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