Damon Richards

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Standing for:

Clwyd South

My key issues are:

  • Poverty

  • The NHS

  • Schools/ Education

Candidate profile:

I am very enthusiastic about helping people and have an interest in politics.

I will be an excellent member of the youth parliament as I am a confident bilingual speaker, and I have spoken in many school shows and open days at school. I also represented my school in a meeting to explain how I would achieve 1 million Welsh speakers by 2050. I think I can help the future of Welsh children.

If I were elected as a member of the youth parliament, the youth of South Clwyd would have a voice as I would listen to them and discover the matters that are important to them and find a way to respond to them and represent them in the Parliament.

Figures show that only 43% of 18/24 year olds voted in the 2017 general election. This has to be higher! I think personally that young people need more education in politics, as currently I only have one lesson a term and the resources are inappropriate for the twenty first century. I believe if young people have more understanding and education with regards to politics that more young people will vote. Thank you 


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