Oliver Hard

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Standing for:


My key issues are:

  • Exploitation of Benefits System

  • Lack of equipment in schools

  • Food quality in school canteens

Candidate profile:

What is Wales? A country dependant upon Big Brother England? A side-serving of culture to the staple of raw power that is England?

No! Wales is a unique country, beautiful, varied, diverse. With outstanding coastlines, breathtaking national parks, World class Cities and Universities and a tenacious exuberant people. A nation with our place on the World Stage.

If I become a member of Welsh Youth Parliament, I would hear the voices of our people through surveys  interactions in my community and digital media at the cutting edge. I would create a platform for Welsh Youth to have a voice.

I’m dynamic, enthusiastic, articulate and approachable. A ‘blue sky thinker’ with sticking power to complete projects. An innovative collaborator.

I am invested in my community, contributing to my local newspaper. I support local small business with my home made produce, and have raised money for charity via a poetry anthology.

People should vote for me because I will work to make Wales a better place. To improve schools, to support people in achieving potential. To provide a voice for Welsh youth. A voice of hope for the Wales that is our future. As we are the future of Wales.  


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