Rowan Doyle


Standing for:


My key issues are:

  • Reducing anti-social behaviour

  • Tackling pollution

  • Social Media: A Lost Generation?

Candidate profile:

Hello my name is Rowan Doyle and I am eleven years old. I am standing for Welsh Youth Parliament to enable the voices of the young to be heard, and to influence day to day politics and lives.

I will achieve this within my local community through tailored use of social media and appropriate forums where people can voice their concerns. Alongside my local MP, I plan to set up 'say it as it is' sessions, using local community centres, schools and libraries, to provide an opportunity for all young people within Aberavon to attend and speak openly about what matters to them. I will network with key figures within the community; our local police force, industry and local government to share the views of the masses that I represent.

I will not proclaim to be the next 'apprentice', but, I have key attributes such as grit, determination, empathy, honesty and loyalty. I will do my very best and always work tirelessly to represent the voices behind the Welsh Youth Parliament and my local constituency, Aberavon.  

Every voice matters .


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