Daniel Allan Rees Trebble

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Standing for:


My key issues are:

  • Cyberbullying/bullying

  • Drugs/smoking

  • Abuse

Candidate profile:

The reason I want to be a welsh youth parliament is so that I can help people get their voices heard and to help resolve big issues for example in my school some students smoke which shouldn't be happening and I am trying to stop it.

To get it heard i will ask the pupils/public about cyber bullying and smoking and abuse and why they do it and give tips to help.

People should vote for me because I am very confident about speaking in front of a large crowd I am very good at debating and I have very good potential to do it and I am good at interacting with the public. The skills and experience I have are being very good at discussions good at doing things as a team I help out a lot.

Online lots of kids are being cyber bullied because of a of a certain game they play of the way we talk the way we can stop cyber bullying is by sending more people into schools to tell them to block them.

Lots of kids grow up smoking because of bad influences we can stop it by making youth support groups.


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