Max James

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Standing for:

Preseli Pembrokeshire

My key issues are:

  • Drug use in children 

  • Childhood obesity & nutrition

  • Increasing business in rural Wales

Candidate profile:

My name is Max  James and I am applying for this position because in the last few years I have taken an interest in politics and, while only a minor position, I hope I can bring some valuable opinions to to the Youth Parliament. I am outspoken in my views and beliefs, however I am open to new ideas and allow myself to be challenged whenever possible. Concern for the youth of Wales is my main concern as a nominee for the Welsh youth parliament, however particularly worrying to me is the troubling amount of drug use I see in my area. The lives of many children in Pembrokeshire are being damaged because of the rampancy of drugs and I aim to at least raise concern for this problem, if not aid in solving it.

My second largest concern in childhood obesity is one that I am more cautious of in the future rather than in the moment, however there is evidence in my area of lowering health, and I want this trend to stop. My personality allows me to talk to many people and I am not afraid of asking people's opinions; through this I will represent my peers.


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