Pranjil Pokharel


Standing for:

Cardiff Central

My key issues are:

  • Work experience for all schools

  • Education for life in schools

  • Mental health of youth

Candidate profile:

Hello, my name is Pranjil and I'm the head girl of Corpus Christi. The main priorities I'll focus on is work experience for all schools, education for life and mental health.

Work experience is crucial in CVs since many employers and universities ask for them. In this day and age, to not be offered work experience nor education to prep us for life is something that needs to change. Likewise, we need more awareness about our mental well-being as it's a growing problem we face every day as young people.

By being able to work in the Welsh Youth Parliament, I can represent us and the reforms that we want. Having the experience and dedication of being in the school and Cardiff Youth Council, and as a head girl, I'm confident at debating issues and have the communication skills to convince motions in favour of us. I will make sure every voice in our area is heard by holding interaction sessions where we can come together to discuss what we want changing.

I am a people's worker and believe in working for our community of youth. I'm extremely passionate about helping and setting a foundation for the younger generation too. 


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