Christopher Raven

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Standing for:


My key issues are:

  • Equal opportunities  for everyone

  • Education being relevant and fair

  • Making Wales Eco-friendly and safe

Candidate profile:

I would love to be a member of the Welsh youth parliament, I would make great contribution and  would be an amazing asset to it.

I love my country and will do anything in my power to make it better, being a member of the parliament will let me do this on a much  larger scale. I am brilliant at public speaking and  really  enjoy it.

To prove this, I was chosen as one of the top ten debaters out of nearly one hundred people in the up for debate competition last year.

I am great at at listening to opinions and acting on them. As a result if i get elected i will be a voice for everybody and just because I would be on the stand it does not mean that it would be only my views I bring forward.

You should vote for me because I am a talented speaker and listener, I have experience speaking in front of a large ordinance and as stated in my three key issues I stand for equality and safety for all. so please vote for me so I help can make wales a better, more Eco-friendly and safer place.


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