Joshua Punchard


Standing for:


My key issues are:

  • Financial support for Young Carers

  • Educational support for Young Carers

  • Taking a stand against bullying

Candidate profile:

Hi, my name is Josh and I am a young carer.  I Care for my Mother.  I would like to tell you why I’m the perfect candidate For the Welsh Youth Parliament.  

Firstly, I would like to represent young people and have my voice heard because children and young people don’t get enough opportunities to share their ideas and to share the problems that they face.  This is where I would step in.  I want to let people share their Ideas and feelings with me so that they CAN be heard and feel more confident about themselves.  

Secondly, I will consult with young people by posting on social media, advertising in libraries and schools and holding private meetings in the local library. People should vote for me because I not only have the potential to get young people heard, but, I feel that I am perfect for the role and have the ability to get this done. I pledge that not only will I be there for support, but, if elected I will do my best to change your lives. 


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