Minass Himmat


Standing for:

Cardiff South and Penarth

My key issues are:

  • Equal opportunities

  • Access to health education/support

  • Crime and antisocial behavior

Candidate profile:

I have chosen my key issues as these are topics which I feel very passionate about and believe that at least one of these is important to each person in Cardiff South and Penarth. They are issues which by tackling will not only help us now but hopefully help the youth of Cardiff South and Penarth and Wales, as a whole, for generations to come.

From a young age I have been involved in charity projects with organisations such as BAWSO, the NSPCC and most recently Asylum Justice. I am very grateful for those opportunities and believe that they have given me the skills to mature and deal with difficult situations or topics in the correct and appropriate manor. I think that I am an approachable person and that it would not be difficult for people to get hold of me or to feel comfortable around me.

I feel that I have the ability to make the correct decisions and put my own personal beliefs aside in order to represent the youth of Cardiff South and Penarth, as I know that there maybe times where I have to put the opinions of my constituents over my own.


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