Andrew Raven

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Standing for:


My key issues are:

  • Working together to tackle homelessness

  • A 'skills for life' curriculum

  • An eco-friendly Wales

Candidate profile:

I believe that the next generation of Wales has the right to input into their countries future rather than be spoken for by adult voices. I would be honoured to be a youth representative for our beautiful country Wales.

As part of my school debate team I can get points across and am a confident person not afraid to speak up. Being part of my school council taught me to work well with others and means I’m no stranger to democracy. And as a member of sport teams I know how to communicate within a team and achieve together.

Homelessness isn’t something we can just stop. But we can work together as young people with big ideas to make sure everybody has the essentials for life.

I am passionate about an eco-friendly world and want to ensure we protect our world a little at a time.

A ‘skills for life’ curriculum is vital to know how to live as adults, pay bill’s, understand banking and gain general life skills! This would help young people transition into adult lives! We need to make the decisions to make our future so make the decision to elect me. Please make this choice.


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