Yousuf Bakshi


Standing for:

Cardiff West

My key issues are:

  • Ending racism and racial discrimination

  • A curriculum preparing for life

  • A youth voice in Brexit-talks

Candidate profile:

I have lived in Cardiff all my life and have wanted to make this city and our country a great thriving place for all young people to live in.

Wales is known for being behind the rest of the UK in terms of education and development, but I want to change that so every single young welsh person has an equal footing in life and are always able to strive for their dreams and life ambitions.

I can do this as a WYP member by being a voice for the disenfranchised generation whose voices are silenced regularly in everything that concerns them.

As Head Boy of Fitzalan High School, I have always strived to make the school a community where everyone feels accepted and welcomed, and this is what I dream of for Wales. Voting for me means voting for an experienced, educated, and informed young citizen who has a passion to change the world.

I have had work experience with Cardiff Council where I helped contribute to Cardiff’s ongoing endeavour to become a UNICEF Child-Friendly City and have established clubs and organisations in my school and local area to make sure that Cardiff’s young people are never left behind.


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