Nia Edwards Clarke

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Standing for:


My key issues are:

  • Environment

  • Justice and Equality

  • Welsh Culture

Candidate profile:

I have taken an interest in politics at a local and national level for some years and by studying it as a subject I now feel I have developed a basic understanding of it and am very passionate about equal opportunities for women, the environment, mainly the problem of plastic waste, and Welsh culture.

The opportunity to represent my constituency and have such an effective platform to express the opinions and views of my area is a privilege and rare opportunity. I feel I am a suitable candidate for this as I am a friendly and open character and am prepared to express an opinion on any topic with other people in order to discuss or compromise to solve a problem.  

Standing for election would give me an opportunity to raise awareness of the work of the Welsh Assembly and matters of modern politics among the constituents, but more important to me is to try and persuade the Wrexham youth, mainly in my school, to register and vote.

I understand what a difference inspiring political interest among young people can have on impacting the contribution of the country in elections over the coming years.

I can achieve this by communicating on social media and holding debating club nights for everyone who wishes to voice their opinion as well as to spread interest.


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