Gwenan Llwyd Puw


Standing for:

Dwyfor Meirionnydd

My key issues are:

  • Mental health and welfare of young people

  • Availability of opportunities for the world of work

  • A healthier variety on school menus

Candidate profile:

I believe I would be a good member of the Welsh Youth Parliament as I have many ideas to contribute to make this a better country. I have skills and interests that have allowed me to develop how I communicate with different people. I am treasurer to The Young Farmer's Club at Dyffryn Madog, and I row for Madog Youth Club. I have also enjoyed competing in the eisteddfod with Aelwyd Chwilog over the years. By being a member of different clubs and communities, I have experienced discussions that are relevant to us as the young people of Wales. This has also allowed me to get to know people in the area. I was raised on a farm and so I have some knowledge of agricultural issues.

To be a good member of the Welsh Youth Parliament and represent the young people in my area, I would talk to fellow students and previous members of clubs so I could express the real opinions of young people. Creating documents on various social media platforms would allow people to get in touch easily as they are an important part of young people's lives. I would be a good member because of my interest in ensuring Wales' future and its development for the next generation.


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