Efan Meilir Owen

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Standing for:

Cardiff West

My key issues are:

  • A green, proud, and innovative nation

  • Free lifelong education

  • Equality for minority communities and identities

Candidate profile:

The opportunity offered by the Parliament is an excellent one, and an opportunity that I have hoped for for some time.

Despite the stereotypes of apathy portrayed in the media, I know that the young people of our country have a real desire for fundamental change. I know also that I would also be able help to out this desire to action; I am a pupil with strong convictions about politics but more than willing to compromise due to the beliefs of his peers. I

n addition, regarding my portfolio of experiences, whether they are academic successes, athletic achievements, contributions to my school, or a series of voluntary actions for causes such as homelessness and recycling, there is evidence that I am an individual that strongly engages with various applicable talents.

Having represented this generation in a youth forum for a year and a half, I also feel that I have experience in discussing our needs and interests.

By socialising with a wide cross section of young people during all the above activities, I definitely know that I am connected and integrated in this generation.

Above all, I would like you to elect me on the basis of my main principle: to protect the weak from oppression - cultural, sexual and ethnic minorities; the poor; the disabled; the environment; the Welsh language, and, of course, Welsh people.


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