Q Misell


Standing for:

Cardiff Central

My key issues are:

  • Redesigning the Welsh Baccalaureate

  • Improving transgender health services

  • Lowering the voting age to 16

Candidate profile:

I'm standing for the Welsh Youth Parliament because I don’t think that the youth of Wales get enough of a say.

I will talk and debate with the young people of my constituency to ensure that everyone's views are heard in the parliament.

This is why one of my key issues is to lower the voting age, in order to give more young people in Wales a voice on all issues.

I will be a good member to consult on redesigning the Baccalaureate as I run a website business and I have Saturday work. I understand the necessary skills for the world of work, and what needs to be learned in order to succeed.

I also believe that the services available for transgender people on the NHS are very poor and need to be improved in order to achieve a fair standard of living for all.

As a transgender person myself, this is a matter that is very close to me. I can also provide support on the kind of care services should effectively provide for people, as I understand what transgender people need.


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