Elsie Roberts


Standing for:

Cardiff North

My key issues are:

  • Equality in education

  • Welshness among young people

  • Modern languages in education

Candidate profile:

I firmly believe that I would make a good member of the Welsh Youth Parliament because I am very keen to improve our circumstances.

As young people, we are the next generation to run this country, and I would like to gain experience of doing this.

I will ensure that the voice of people in my area is heard by asking them how the government can improve the country for young people. I would like to be representative of a large number of young people so that I’m not the only one expressing an opinion.

In addition, I am a strong speaker and can debate rationally about issues that are important to me. I am confident when expressing opinions and enjoy meeting new people in different circumstances.

As a half German who is a first language Welsh speaker, the Welsh language and languages play very important roles in my life, and so I would like to try to improve the future of the language.

The key issues are those that come from personal experience, and I would like to make a difference for the young people of Wales. Politics also plays a big role in my life, and I will be attending an anti-Brexit protest in London in October to express my political opinion.


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