Ffion Morgan


Standing for:


My key issues are:

  • The curriculum for Wales

  • Increasing the number of Welsh speakers

  • Tests for young children

Candidate profile:

Young people are the next generation - we are the future! Why shouldn’t  you be listened to?

Our ideas are important because we have to live through the new changes. I feel very strongly about children's rights, and I think that it's important for our ideas to be heard.

I think that I am a good person to be a member of the Welsh Youth Parliament because I am confident and enthusiastic about the rights of children and the Welsh language.

I feel strongly about topics that are considered important. The arts are considered as easy, unskilled topics.

Why are these subjects not taught as much as subjects such as Mathematics or Welsh? Do 6-year-olds need to be tested? From year 2 onwards everyone is tested until the age of 16. Why do children need to be tested so young: what is there to test?

Finally, I do not believe that Welsh medium schools are advertised sufficiently. English parents do not have the confidence to send their children to Welsh medium schools as they do not believe that enough support is available.

If the government wants to reach a million Welsh speakers by 2050, change is needed.


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