Gwydion Elliott


Standing for:


My key issues are:

  • Improving the economy

  • Climate Change

  • Devolution of powers

Candidate profile:

Wales, as a nation, will soon face a deeply uncertain future.

As the Brexit date draws nearer, the health of our economy, the rights of our citizens to live and work overseas, and even the powers devolved to the Senedd, are all in jeopardy.

I felt compelled to run for membership of the Welsh Youth Parliament because I believe that the young people of Wales, regardless of whether or not they are yet of voting age, have a right to have their voices heard and represented on these issues central to their future.

The issues outlined above will have real impacts on Arfon and its constituents. As Wales depends largely on exporting, Brexit threatens to damage our already fragile economy. I feel that it is important that employment opportunities are created in north west Wales to retain highly skilled young people in the area and stop the Brain Drain. Strengthening our economy is the first step to building our local communities, and allowing the Welsh language to thrive.  

I have a real interest in current political issues and believe that young people's voices should be heard. I have the skills to help make sure that happens.


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