Mari Lewis


Standing for:


My key issues are:

  • Promoting Welshness

  • Obesity among young people

  • The next generation’s mental health

Candidate profile:

As a learner in the middle of her GCSE courses, I am very aware of the pressures facing young people from all directions.

If I were to have the opportunity to contribute to the work of the Welsh Youth Parliament, I would strive to ensure that there the voice and perspective of young people are heard.

I would like to represent the young people of my native area, Bridgend, and I intend to try to make a difference.

I believe that there are a number of important issues that must be considered, such as promoting Welshness, the health of young people, and specifically the mental health of pupils who are under increasing pressure.

Not enough young people enjoy using the Welsh language, and we need to look anew at promoting Welshness. The physical health of young people is an important factor; obesity and poor eating habits can affect individuals for the rest of their lives. Recently, the mental health of our young generation has received media coverage, and I strongly agree that it’s about time that we look seriously at the pressure on young shoulders in Wales.

Representing Bridgend will give me the opportunity to improve the provision and support for young people in my area.


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