Lleucu Non


Standing for:


My key issues are:

  • The Welsh Language

  • Equality

  • Health

Candidate profile:

Being a member of the Welsh Youth Parliament will give me the opportunity to be a firm voice for opinions and comments that have not been heard from young people around me.  This is an opportunity for our generation to come together to develop Wales to be a country in which we as young people want to live.  

As well as a Facebook and Twitter profile where young people can leave comments, I will be able to hold public meetings for local young people to discuss relevant issues formally and informally.   I'm a good listener that can respond and work independently.  I am a passionate, active and hard-working person, ready to campaign for the Welsh language and any issues that affect my area and my country.  Members of the Parliament and the Arfon area could trust me as a voice to represent them.

As a member of the Welsh Language Society, I have attended a number of protests, including a Gwynedd Council meeting regarding the plans to build 8,000 homes in Gwynedd.  I have developed skills by being a member of the school council, expressing my opinion as a pupil but also voicing the opinion of fellow pupils, as young people and our generation are the greatest priority.


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