Gruff Edwards


Standing for:

Cardiff West

My key issues are:

  • High School Education

  • NHS Wales

  • Energy and the environment

Candidate profile:

Let's be real, we need this Youth Parliament to have an actual impact on our lives and our area, and to do that it's necessary that we not only address the topics that affect us most, but that we have someone that'll be loud and clear on what needs to be done.

I know that I can be that person.

If you put your faith in me I'll make sure that  we have an education that actually prepares us well for life, not just for university. I'll make sure that politicians know better than to hurt our NHS, or worse dismantle it piece by piece. I'll make sure that our leaders are aware of the damage to our future caused by using climate-change enhancing energy sources.

I can't do this without your support. And it's not like this is the only time you'll hear from me; I want to be proactive in the way that I hear your thoughts and represent them. Basically, if you want to have a way to voice your concerns before you can vote officially, here's your chance. You won't get a better one.

Cardiff West needs someone who'll fight for it: let that be me.


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