Elin Rolles


Standing for:

Swansea East

My key issues are:

  • The Welsh language

  • Equal rights for women

  • Children’s rights

Candidate profile:

I would like to be a member of the Welsh Youth Parliament because I want to make a difference, by being a voice for children and young people. I want to change things and voice my opinion on a larger scale than a school council or year committee. I want to represent and speak on behalf of people of my age and make a difference. I want to raise awareness and ensure that everyone knows that their voice is being heard. I would like for everyone to share their opinions and know that people hear them; that people are listening and responding.

I'm a committed person that is willing to speak; I'm ready to help at any time of day. I feel passionately about children's rights; your rights; your voice; your future. I'm active and ready to make a difference. I have my experiences of voicing my opinion. I am part of rights committees I’ve had experience as a member of a school council. But I want to make more of a difference and secure a stable future for young people.

I want to represent Swansea in order support the voice of children, your voice! Vote for me and I will do my best to make sure that people hear your voice.

Thank you : )


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