Jude Hendricks

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Standing for:

Swansea West

My key issues are:

  • Mental health education for young people

  • Gender equal opportunities

  • Education for LGBT+ issues

Candidate profile:

Firstly I’d like to be apart of the Senate because there are so many youth in my area whos voices aren’t being heard, and I’d like to be their voice!

Furthermore, I’d make sure their voices are heard by being clear and concise with my points and affairs. It’s also crucial that everyone’s opinion is taken into account when coming to a consensus.

Secondly, people should vote for me because I’m consistent and reliable; and I know how cliché this might sound, but you can trust my word when I say I’ll do something.

Lastly, I’m apart of my school’s Children’s rights committee; there we tackle issues, namely, islam-phobia, homophobia (other abuse against LGBT+ community’s) and also we provide a safe space for children within the school. I’m in fact an LGBT+ representative for the committee. I feel like these skills and experiences I’ve gained from my committee in school will help me when joining the Senate.

To conclude, I hope this has persuaded you to vote for me, and when the time comes, I hope you’ll make the right decision!


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