Mirain Angharad Owen


Standing for:

Swansea East

My key issues are:

  • Improving the opportunity to use the Welsh language

  • Giving the Welsh Government more powers

  • Taking action to save the environment

Candidate profile:

Morriston is a poor area and the people of Swansea do not get the opportunities that young people in other areas take for granted.  I think we should give the youth of Wales the chance to enjoy living in a proud and healthy Wales, in a rich and bilingual Wales.

Unfortunately, it is not possible at the moment and some people get better opportunities.  This isn’t fair.

Everyone should have the same right to learn Welsh and Welsh history, to live as a Welsh person in a prosperous country.  I would like to see more Welsh medium schools, opportunities outside of school to enjoy in Welsh and the Welsh language given prominence in our country.

Wales should be on an equal basis alongside other countries of the world, ensuring that we keep our country beautiful and clean for the future.  I believe in recycling as much as possible and I’m against the use of nuclear power and the dumping of radioactive mud in Cardiff bay.  I believe that renewable energy needs to be used and therefore that the Swansea lagoon needs to be developed urgently.

The only way of doing this is by ensuring that the people of Wales are proud, that the voice of the young people of tomorrow is heard, and that Wales moves towards independence.  This can only change Wales for the better. 


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