Joseff Kirkman


Standing for:


My key issues are:

  • Voting age of 16

  • 30 minutes’ daily exercise

  • Creating more jobs

Candidate profile:

My name is Joseff Kirkman, I'm sixteen years old and I’m a pupil at Ysgol Llanhari. I'm studying Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Physics and the Welsh Baccalaureate at A Level. I like to play the trumpet as it helps me to relax at night. I play the trumpet in the RCT youth orchestra. I personally believe that it is very important for young people to take an interest in politics as the laws that are passed today have a huge impact on the future. Young people are the future and the future is ours. I believe that I can get along with all kinds of people and I would like to think that people can talk to me about their problems in order to reach a solution. I have been a member of the school council for 5 years and during this time the council has made many positive changes for the benefit of the school. I have enough confidence to stand for what I believe in and therefore I think that I am perfect for the Welsh Youth Parliament because of my enthusiasm and energy to make changes today for a better tomorrow.


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