Elena Ruddy


Standing for:

Swansea West

My key issues are:

  • Inclusive and high quality work experience

  • Free leisure facilities

  • Improving the cycling network

Candidate profile:

Are you looking for a member of parliament that will listen to you and represent your opinion? Do you want someone that will stand on your behalf and contribute your ideas to the Youth Parliament? You can rely on me to give you a voice and to make sure that the Youth Parliament hears it.

Why would I be an effective member of the Youth Parliament? I'm experienced at public speaking and have won a national public speaking competition. I have been part of the school council at primary and secondary school. As a member of the school's rights of children and disabled people committee, and children's rights ambassador, I was part of the team that won a UNICEF Schools that Respect Rights Silver Award. We supported the Lumos charity, which helps disabled and orphaned children in the poorer parts of Europe.

I believe that everyone from all walks of life should have access to high quality work experience opportunities. I would like to develop a fair plan to enable this.

Our health is vital. I would like to provide free leisure provision for us, such as swimming, and improve the cycling network, which would also promote fitness and also improve the environment.

If elected, I would do my very best to represent everyone in my area, to make Wales a better place for young people. 


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