Harri Antoninis


Standing for:


My key issues are:

  • Improving education opportunities in Ceredigion

  • Promoting use of the Welsh language

  • Strong objection to nuclear energy

Candidate profile:

My name is Henry Antoninis. I am a candidate to become a member of the Welsh Youth Parliament. I speak Welsh fluently, but currently live for part of the time in France. Due to living overseas for periods, I have become more aware of the problems of the education system in Wales, e.g. the lack of opportunities to study foreign languages and connect with other parts of Europe, especially in rural areas such as Ceredigion. I have also noticed that Welsh school children are increasingly stopping speaking Welsh outside of school, which is a problem if we want to reach a million Welsh speakers by 2050.

The third issue that I’m campaigning for is to ensure a strong objection to nuclear energy. We need to promote a sustainable, clean world for our generation and nuclear stations such as Wylfa B, or Hinkley Point C, which wants to dump waste in Cardiff Bay, do not help the future of Wales. I would ask papurau bro and schools to work together to help me reach children in all parts of the county, to ensure that I represent them fairly. I will make sure that our generation is heard!


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