Eve Lewis

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Standing for:

Cynon Valley

My key issues are:

  • Sexual assault 

  • Teen pregnancy

  • Use of drugs by teenagers

Candidate profile:

Hello! My name is Eve Lewis I would like to be a Welsh Youth Parliament because I feel like by doing this I have the chance to make an impact on the young people around me very few are in good situations these days and I would love nothing more than an opportunity to help.

When comunincating with young people I would set up an Instagram account (as that is the most used social media by young people) that would be my platform to be able to put out ideas, get opinions and hear the wants and need of the people around me.

If people were considering voting for me I think they should do so as I feel I could do a lot of good and be a voice for the young people who feel they won't be listened to by adults.

As of now I have no experience with things like this however I do have good people skills and have experience with many issues a lot of young people face these days so I would be a suitable voice for those who don't know how to get through to adults. thank you for your consideration


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