Archie Baxter

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Standing for:

Cardiff Central

My key issues are:

  • Promotion of Agricultural Knowledge

  • Sustainable Development (environmental protection)

  • Homelessness

Candidate profile:

I feel as though I would be a perfect fit for this role as I am passionate about welsh culture and the environment of our country.

Additionally, I am also very focused on human and social situations aswell as issues such as homelessness and housing.

I would be willing to fight to protect the environment of wales whilst also seriously acknowledging the ever-increasing social problems to try and reach a sense of harmony between these issues.

To protect and voice the opinions of my constituency I will make it a priority to do crowd research and maybe create online polls and voting systems to ensure everyone is heard, as community co-operation is vital.

Also, I will support small businesses and employers who provide quality jobs to keep them in balance and make sure that they are not suppressed by multi-national corporations.

I believe I should be voted for due to my strong, determined and diligent personality which will in turn allow the people of Central Cardiff to be well heard and understood to the highest possible degree to ensure positive changes are made.

I am intelligent and confident in my ideas and I have experience in charities like Ty Hafan. 


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