Kai Sandbrook

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Standing for:


My key issues are:

  • Healthy eating and fitness

  • Overall health in Wales

  • Land conservation

Candidate profile:

My name is Kai Sandbrook. I have many reasons for wanting a member of the Welsh Youth Parliement. A main reason being, Wales is a country of great agricultural value, a country with great potential and a possibility of an incredible future. However, I do not feel that the correct emphasis is put on things that matter in the country, like the conservation of our precious lands. Or the health and overall well being of young people, whether that be physical or mental, not enough is done to ensure a complete stable future for us as the young people of Wales.

People should vote for me if permittable, because of my ability to communicate my true intentions to people, young or old, and because I have no other intention other than helping shift Wales into a more prosperous direction, even if only in a small area.

I have experiance in public speaking and debating and feel this would come in very handy as a member of the Welsh youth Parliament.

My means of consultaion with young people would be over face to face conversations, or if available, over a social network platform such as Skype or Facebook.


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