Harrison James Gardner 



Clwyd West


  • Youth engagement in local communities

  • Variety in healthy food choices

  • Combating youth drug abuse

Member Profile:

I wish to be a member of the Welsh Youth Parliament because I believe there is no better platform to make a difference and that I as the voice can deliver the change my constituency seeks.

I am well respected among my peers and therefore will be a welcoming face to those who wish to share their ideas. I am more than prepared to visit local youth centres as a platform to facilitate the consultation and representation of younger people.

I should be voted for as I am aware of the issues facing the youth of our society and feel the need to make amends. I will listen to others, take ideas on board and ensure their voice is heard. What separates me from the rest is my knowledge and interest in politics which allows me to understand the task at hand and demonstrate that I am more than capable to fulfill the role.

I have experience in my School Parliament as treasurer. In my school parliament I have encouraged a large amount of change for the better, however I believe that to head further I must move onto a national level in order to make the changes I seek.