Talulah Thomas 



Clwyd South


  • Mental health education in schools

  • Promoting culture and the Welsh language

  • Welsh youth participation in politics

Member Profile:

I wish to be a member of the Welsh Youth Parliament because the political future of Wales rests with our youth, and our nation's young people must be engaged to ensure progression.

I would encourage discussions within schools by starting an all-inclusive committee that will highlight the issues that are important to young voters, as their views are most important to me. I hope that this will reflect politics as an essential element of everyday life and create a bridge between the voices of young people and the Senedd in order to negate the rhetoric that it is inaccessible and elitist. I would like to create a Welsh language podcast with young people that will discuss and debate issues such as mental health, Welsh independence and the voting age. By using a modern form, I hope to raise political issues in a relaxed and accessible way.

By being a member of the Syr IfanC Board and acting as the ambassador of my area, I have confidently developed group discussion and debate skills about issues, as well as contributing to the community. I have no fear of voicing my opinion and I would be very excited to have the opportunity to act on behalf of young people to ensure that we have the representation that we deserve as the youth of Wales.