Megan Carys Davies 





  • More social locations for youth

  • Reducing academic stress on youth

  • Increasing awareness of global issues

Member Profile:

It is essential that young people have a say in the way their country is run.

Our voices need to be heard and fairly represented because the youth of today is the future of tomorrow.

I want to ensure that every idea put forward by the youth is heard, discussed and acted upon so that everyone feels as though their opinions matter. Fresh ideas from the current generation are required for a significant change to take place.

I would like to start up a youth forum online for people in Llanelli, where their ideas can be expressed freely and debated. We will then make sure that these ideas will be the foundation to make the changes necessary for the future of Wales.

The key issues that I have put across are topics that I feel very passionate about and I would like to be given the opportunity to discuss this further with people in my area and listen to they have to say regarding young peoples issues.

I am extremely determined and will campaign endlessly until everyone's voices are heard and hopefully acted upon. I have excellent communication skills and am confident that I can make a difference in Wales.