Gwion Rhisiart  



Cardiff Central


  • Apprenticeships/jobs for young people

  • The Welsh Language in schools

  • Standard and safe school transport

Member Profile:

I want to be a member of the Welsh Youth Parliament so I can represent the opinions of the young people of Wales. Also, I would like to represent them so they have a fair voice in the Youth Parliament's decisions. I will be holding regular meetings with my constituents, as well as online questionnaires to hear their voice. After hearing their opinions, I will be fighting for their voice in the Youth Parliament.

The young people of my constituency should vote for me as I have so much understanding of politics and how the Senedd works. Also, I have represented the school at Cardiff's Youth Council, as well as the Commonwealth Conference.

Finally, I have completed projects to help the LGBTQ+ community, including the Iris film project, and the South Wales school project. I am an active citizen, and I participate in a number of activities within the community, such as volunteering at St John's Ambulance, and raising money for charity. I do first aid regularly, and volunteer in athletic events, food festivals and more. Also, I have raised money for several charities, at school, and as an extra-curricular activity.

Finally, I am keen to follow a career in politics, and this would benefit me greatly.