ffion griffith





  • Better mental health support

  • Quality education and life skills

  • Promoting peace and sustainability

Member Profile:

I have been interested in politics since representing Wales at a conference about Democracy in Bratislava and would be a proud ambassador for my area.  I realise the right to a voice is important and that young people should have as much of a say about issues affecting them as adults. Young people are now more aware of their rights, thanks to the work of the Welsh Assembly and schools and the best way for them to learn more about politics is to get involved.

Serving on my school council for 4 years has made me confident when communicating. I can make effective links between young people and parliament, through social media, visiting schools to hear their opinions or hosting a youth forum. I am a good listener, a Welsh speaker and have great respect for my own culture and other cultures and beliefs.

I hope to represent many important issues for young people, especially health and education. With many pressures on young people today, including social media, peer pressure and employment, young people deserve better provision for mental health care and an education which prepares them academically, socially and morally in order to be healthy, active citizens of Wales.