Abby O’Sullivan



Partner elected Member


  • Improved support for young people in the justice system

  • Bullying

  • Individual tailored health services

Member Profile:

I like to be involved in lots of different activities including volunteering with St Johns. I love animals and own four dogs. I work mucking out in a stable and get the chance to ride. I am creative and enjoy drama and music. Family is also very important to me.

Running throughout my main issues is the need for people to be heard. I am very passionate about helping to make a difference to the lives of young people in Wales. I want to make sure that the voices of young people are heard. I want young people in Wales to know they have a say and a choice about issues that affect them. I want young people to come together to know there is a solution to their problems and they they can have a more positive future by using their voices. I want to be the voice for all young people in Wales regardless of background or where in Wales they live.