Welsh Youth Parliament Members


Representing You

You have a Welsh Youth Parliament Member who represents you and the area you live. They will campaign on the issues you care about and amplify your voice on a national scale.

Discover your Welsh Youth Parliament Members.



North Wales 

evan burgess


My key issues are:

  • Growing the Welsh economy 

  • Increasing sustainable tourism

  • Improving transport in Wales

Nia Griffiths

Alyn and Deeside

My key issues are:

  • Inequality

  • Obesity in young people

  • Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Brengain Glyn Williams


My key issues are:

  • Expanding the Welsh language within society

  • Welsh history in the curriculum

  • Free travel passes

Talulah Thomas

Clwyd South

My key issues are:

  • Mental health education in schools

  • Promoting culture and the Welsh language

  • Welsh youth participation in politics


Harrison James Gardner

Clwyd West

My key issues are:

  • Youth engagement in local communities

  • Variety in healthy food choices

  • Combating youth drug abuse

thomas comber


My key issues are:

  • Health and welbeing 

  • Education and Training 

  • Transport 

ifan price

Dwyfor Meirionnydd

My key issues are:

  • Strengthening young people's rights in the workplace

  • Improving public transport

  • More relevant/contemporary topics

abbey carter


My key issues are:

  • Mental health

  • Education

  • Welsh language


Jonathon Dawes

Vale of Clwyd

My key issues are:

  • Transport-Low cost for young people

  • Health-healthy eating and sports funding

  • Environment-reducing waste including plastics

jonathan powell


My key issues are:

  • Religious freedom in Wales

  • Promoting arts in Wales

  • Crime and justice in Wales

Ifan Wyn Erfyl Jones

Ynys Môn

My key issues are:

  • Social well-being

  • Health services

  • The Welsh language

Hasna Ali

Partner elected Member

My key issues are:

  • Careers advice including skills training to help access work and work experience

  • Equal access to Higher education and apprenticeships for young people like asylum seekers.

  • Promote equality and diversity and understanding of barriers faced by young people in Wales.


Katie June Whitlow

Partner elected Member

My key issues are:

  • Education Services

  • The Community

  • Training

Grace Louise Barton

Partner elected Member

My key issues are:

  • Discrimination

  • Championing young carers voices

  • Raise awareness of young carers rights



Mid and West Wales 

Arianwen Fox-James

Brecon and Radnorshire

My key issues are:

  • Transgender youth rights in schools

  • Discrimination against disabilities (learning / physical)

  • Rural area access to facilities

Marged Lois Campbell

Carmarthen East and Dinefwr

My key issues are:

  • Improving mental health support

  • Creating a plastic-free Wales

  • Establishing an annual school uniform grant

Cai Thomas Phillips

Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire

My key issues are:

  • Useful educational opportunities for life

  • Fast broadband for all

  • A plastic free, low carbon Wales

Caleb Rees


My key issues are:

  • Independence for Wales

  • Free women's hygiene

  • A second Brexit referendum


emily kaye


My key issues are:

  • Mental health of students

  • Religious and Racial discrimination

  • Education on life skills

Rhys Lewis

Preseli Pembrokeshire

My key issues are:

  • Funding for extracurricular activities

  • More help for MAT students

  • Change compulsory GCSE subjects

Ellie Murphy

Partner elected Member

My key issues are:

  • Education: should respect our traditions

  • Accomodation: Need more permanent sites

  • Health & Wellbeing: Help people reach their potential



South Wales - East 

Calen Jones

Blaenau Gwent

My key issues are:

  • Greater awareness of mental health

  • Voting at 16

  • Development of grassroots sports

Aled Joseph


My key issues are:

  • Brexit

  • Our future and education

  • Litter and recycling

Gwion Rhisiart

Cardiff Central

My key issues are:

  • Apprenticeships/jobs for young people

  • The Welsh Language in schools

  • Standard and safe school transport

Betsan Roberts

Cardiff North

My key issues are:

  • Education about the LGBTQ+ community

  • Lowering the voting age

  • Cycling safety on the roads


Rhian Shillabeer

Cardiff South and Penarth

My key issues are:

  • Betterment of the Environment

  • Improved Living Standards in Cardiff

  • Importance of the Education System

Manon Clarke

Cardiff West

My key issues are:

  • Litter in public places

  • Period poverty

  • Adolescent mental health

Ffion Griffith


My key issues are:

  • Better mental health support

  • Quality education and life skills

  • Promoting peace and sustainability

Tommy Church

Merthyr Tydfil and Rhymney

My key issues are:

  • SAP trained staff in school

  • Plastic free schools

  • Learners having life skills training


Lloyd Mann


My key issues are:

  • Tackling Mental Health

  • Curriculum change

  • Future opportunities 

Charley Oliver-Holland

Newport East

My key issues are:

  • Increased wage for 16-18 

  • More school support for lgbt 

  • Plastic waste and pollution

Finlay Bertram

Newport West

My key issues are:

  • Equal rights

  • Sex education

  • Mental health

Maisy Evans


My key issues are:

  • Lowering the voting age to 16

  • A better funding system for schools

  • Health and wellbeing of young people


Angel Ezeadum

Partner elected Member

My key issues are:

  • Support for youth services

  • Mental health

  • Talking discrimination and racial issues

Chloe Giles

Partner elected Member

My key issues are:

  • Young people in care

Abby O’Sullivan

Partner elected Member

My key issues are:

  • Improved support for young people in the justice system

  • Bullying

  • Individual tailored health services

Levi Rees

Partner elected Member

My key issues are:

  • Children having a say when being looked after by the local authority.

  • Local authorities implementing a deprivation of liberty under the social services and well-being act 2014; young people to be aware of this fundamental power of the local authority.

  • Care orders; should there be a stricter criteria / threshold for one to be made.


Abbie Cooper

Partner elected Member

My key issues are:

  • Young carers

  • Mental health

  • Help for drug and alcohol abuse

greta evans

Partner elected Member

My key issues are:

  • The Welsh language

  • Young people’s mental health

  • The environment

Luke Parker

Partner elected Member

My key issues are:

  • Issues that affect the LGBTQ+ community

  • Mental health in young adults

  • Curriculum for life

Carys Thomas

Partner elected Member

My key issues are:

  • Ensure young people realise their rights

  • Improve services and outcomes for care experienced young people across Wales

  • Emotional & mental health problems



South Wales - West 


Kian Agar


My key issues are:

  • Plastic waste

  • Carbon dioxide emissions

  • Healthier school menu

Todd Murray


My key issues are:

  • Environmental Issues

  • Mental Health Issues

  • Educational Issues

Eleri Griffiths

Cynon Valley

My key issues are:

  • Child Poverty

  • Anxiety linked to exam pressures

  • Negative impact of social media

Ffion-Hâf Davies


My key issues are:

  • Body Shaming

  • Women’s Rights 

  • LGBTQ+ Rights 


Eleanor Lewis


My key issues are:

  • Mental Health support

  • D/deaf young people’s voices

  • Support for LGBT+ youth

Laine Woolcock


My key issues are:

  • Free public transport for students 

  • Healthy eating programmes in schools 

  • Increased funding for wildlife trusts

Efan Rhys Fairclough


My key issues are:

  • Opportunities to achieve our best

  • Free gyms and pools

  • Plastic-free Wales and better transport

Alys Hall


My key issues are:

  • Support for special needs students

  • Mental health education and support

  • Education on the LGBTQ+ community


Ruth Sibayan

Swansea East

My key issues are:

  • Increase in homelessness.

  • Decrease the voting age limit.

  • Increase age for free healthcare.

Ubayedhur Rahman

Swansea West

My key issues are:

  • Not enough money in education 

  • Not enough money in NHS

  • Local produce should be used

Lleucu Haf Wiliam

Vale of Glamorgan

My key issues are:

  • Concerns about a biomass incinerator

  • Dumping of nuclear waste

  • The future of Welsh medium education

Caitlin Stocks

Partner elected Member

My key issues are:

  • Equal opportunities

  • Poverty and homelessness

  • Living in care - Our past does not dictate our future


William Hackett

Partner elected Member

My key issues are:

  • Barriers for deaf people

  • Pollution

  • Bullying

Sophie Billinghurst

Partner elected Member

My key issues are:

  • Negative effects of social media

  • Deaf issues

  • Lowering the voting age

Oliver Edward Davies

Partner elected Member

My key issues are:

  • Funding for young carers

  • Recognition for young carers

  • Awareness for children with disabilities

Anwen Grace Rodaway

Partner elected Member

My key issues are

  • Environmental issues - reducing plastic use

  • Homelessness - reducing effects of poverty

  • Autism - better diagnosis/awareness/understanding


Nia-Rose Evans

Partner elected Member

My key issues are:

  • Mental health

  • Bullying

  • Disability equality

Casey-Jane Bishop

Partner elected Member

My key issues are:

  • Mental health

  • LGBT youth

  • Anti bullying


Partner elected Member

My key issues are:

  • Equality for the asylum kids

  • School transport  changes to better

  • GCSE advice for Wales Schools