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You’ll use your vote to decide who represents you and your part of Wales in the Welsh Youth Parliament.


Register to vote

Before you can vote in the Welsh Youth Parliament elections you’ll need to register.

Registration is online and takes about 5 minutes.

Don't miss out. You have until 18 November 2018 to register.



Using your vote

On 5 November 2018 you'll be able to see all the candidates who are standing to be a Welsh Youth Parliament Member where you live.

You'll be able to read their bio and decide which one you think represents how you think and feel about the issues you care about. 


Cast your vote

If you have registered to vote, you will receive an email on 5 November 2018 with instructions on how to cast your vote.

You can vote online any time between 5 November 2018 and 25 November 2018.


Election results will be announced in December 2018 


Register to vote

Make yours count


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